Apr. 20th, 2011

I've been meaning to make this post for about three days now. 
  1. Had an amazing weekend. It was exactly what I needed. Our friend came in from Connecticut and we just let go. It was so nice not worrying about everyone's mental state and just being silly and having random dance parties. Saturday was Record Store Day which was kind of a bust for me. The only thing I wanted to get my hands on was sold out everywhere by the time we showed up, but I think I managed to get my hands on what I was looking for yesterday. We shall see if it was legit or not if and when it shows up in the mail. I did end up finding the Scissor Sisters new album on vinyl, which I bought. The poster of the cover will soon be gracing my walls. *swoon* Hot Topic was doing 20% off on all vinyl so I got a bunch of things I've been meaning to buy from that. I've been buying so many record lately. I think I need to take a break or my bank account may never forgive me. 
  2. Shows are wrapping up. The only finale I'm excited about is Fringe. I have such an addiction to that show. I can't wait to see what kind of epicness is in store in the final episodes. 
  3. GAME OF THRONES! Where do I even begin?
    • Cut for potential spoilers )
    • Even if I wasn't a fan of the books, I really do think this is the best done mini-series out of the three big ones that have premiered this spring. I think the casting for Camelot is really off and off-putting to be honest. As for The Borgias, I think it's boring. I'm having a hard time actually making it through a full episode. The whole thing just seems to be really unclear as far as plot and history goes. 
    • I'm a little shocked that they've already renewed this for a second season, but pretty ecstatic about it. 
  4. Speaking of Game of Thrones. The whole Song of Ice and Fire series has gotten a lot of attention in the book communities around LJ recently. I've been curious what people have to say so I've been reading the comments. It seems that a lot of people have issues with the 'violence for the sake of violence' and particularly the violence against women. I really only have one thing to say to these people: You're reading a series of fantasy novels set in a fictional medieval-based world based around a war of succession, what exactly were you expecting? I read all kinds of fantasy, but these are the ones that make me feel like I'm in a real place with real characters and real situations no matter how bloody or graphic are the ones I usually enjoy the most. If you can't handle it, then read something else. There's plenty of things out there. 
  5. On to other things. My trip to Germany is booked! My roommate's sister has lived there since she was kicked out of the military so we're going over for Oktoberfest and to see her sister and her girlfriend get married. I am so excited. We have some serious planning to do to make sure we do all the things we want to. Trips to Amsterdam, Poland and Morocco have already been mentioned. 
  6. Since it's 4/20 the day would not be complete without going to a concert. It's PJ Harvey this year.
  7. Also have a song. 



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