Apr. 22nd, 2011

So I'm back in Connecticut for the weekend. Less for that Easter nonsense and more because my mom (with her family) are moving back the house I grew up in. This house has been played like musical chairs over the years, but my mom (and dad) bought the house from her parents when I was a baby and she lived here until she got re-married and moved in with my step-father. There was really no reason for me to leave since I was in college and barely here except for vacations. All my stuff went up to the attic and I had my own little apartment. 

Since my great-grandmother died things are changing again. My grandmother is going into senior housing and the house will become single-family again. Unfortunately as large as it is the setup of the bedrooms has always been weird and my youngest step-sister is moving into what is now my living room. I'm not exactly happy about it, even though I exactly live here anymore. More than anything it means that I once again have to go through and rearrange all the shit that I still have here. That pretty much means one thing...


So many books. If they don't already belong to me, they will eventually so it falls to be to go through them all and figure out which ones will be kept, donated, thrown out, whatever. 

In a round about way, I guess this entry ended up being more of an explanation for my username than anything else. LOL 

The good thing about it being a holiday weekend is that my roommate is spending it with Eric's family so we'll all be back in our hometown, which means only one thing...a stoney, sing-a-long drive through the countryside. 

Also every time I look at this picture I have some kind of instant orgasm. 

Cut for paraphernalia )

I don't care if that's really him or not. I want it. AAAARRRRMMMSSSSSS!!!!!



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