2010-06-14 12:11 am

In case it wasn't clear....I hate vampires.

True Blood: Still a fucking awful show. 

Alex Skarsgard: Still has an awesome ass. But his acting in this ep seems to have lowered to the level of everyone else. It's kind of sad.

But on the up side, it only takes me 10 minutes to watch this show a week. 

Anyone remember THIS movie? Cause I'm watching it on the Hallmark Movie Channel right now. 

LOLZ at Joshua Jackson's afro. 
2010-05-12 12:16 am

Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to exit the donut.

  • Went to see Iron Man 2 today. In a word, it was AWESOME. Movies based on comic books are one of my favorite things ever. Scarlett Johansson was surprising good and held her own in her fight scenes. Mickey Rourke may turn me off men completely. If you see it in theaters make sure you stay through the ridiculously long credits. Especially if you're a Marvel fan like myself. 
  • I want a fic of Brad's reaction to Hammer's version of the Iron Man suit. It was all I could think of during that scene. 
  • I'm still pissed off Alex didn't get cast as Thor. I mean seriously who ELSE could play that part? He IS Thor. At least we get some Stellan. Wonder if he'll manage an ass shot. LOL
  • I've been catching up on Fringe and Stargate Universe. Fringe is still insane but insanely awesome at the same time. I still hold in my assessment that it's the best show on television. SGU is still awful.
  • As is Castle. Beckett? STFU & FOD. kthx
  • Is there some kind of wank going on in the Merlin fandom? I haven't been paying attention since like February. 
  • I will never get sick of Generation Kill. EVER. Brad and Nate will break me and put me back together forever. ILU BOYS. 
  • Don't get jealous Ray. I love you and Walt too. 
  • Saw Angels and Airwaves on Saturday night. Tom Delonge will blow my mind forever. And I need to either start going to concerts alone or finding new friends. Ones who actually care and want to be there. 
I have a bunch of comments to respond to and a couple entries to write. Perhaps I'll get to them tomorrow. 
2010-04-26 12:30 am

(no subject)

Seriously internet why are you failing me?

I expected to come home to lots of Stark and Alex pictures, but I'm not seeing them. 

What about I NEED THEM NOW did you not understand?

I'm only half joking. 
2009-12-09 12:29 am

Days 4-8

Just catching up. I was in NYC all weekend without my computer and then I was just lazy Sunday night and yesterday. So lots of insanity today. Still haven't watched Merlin. I'll get to it tomorrow, maybe.

The weekend was fine. Weather was shitty all day Saturday. Sadly no snow, just rain. And there's nothing on the ground here. Boo. Almost makes me wish I was still in Vermont. We barely left the apartment. Got ridiculously stoned Saturday morning and then again that night. Two weeks without weed makes me crazy. Or whatever strain that was. All of my insecurities came out. I apparently have a lot of problems with The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Oh well.

Day 01 → Your favourite song
Day 02 → Your favourite movie
Day 03 → Your favourite television program

Day 04 → Your Favourite Book )

Day 05 → Your Favourite Quote )

Day 06 → Whatever Tickles Your Fancy )

Day 07 → A Photo That Makes You Happy )
Day 08 → A Photo That Makes You Angry/Sad )

I could post Day 9 too since it technically already is, but I think I've given you enough.
2009-11-18 03:12 pm


ASkars being back in LA must be good luck because my necklace FINALLY came in the mail today. I was very close to going and e-mailing them about it, but it came with a nice note explaining why it was delayed and they added an extra anchor on it. I'm sooo excited about it.

Now I just need a reason to get dressed so I can wear it. LOL

I think a couple friends are coming over tonight to drink, maybe smoke and watch Glee. Hopefully it'll be better with other people. I know you all love the show but for some reason it's just not doing it for me. The pilot was genius and I still love their rendition of Don't Stop Believing (our national anthem according to Pete Wentz....LOL), but nothing is really living up to that and I find the characters to be too archetypal. Oh well good times will hopefully be had.

Thanks everyone for loving my Twilight (and Adam Lambert) rant yesterday. It gave me all kinds of warm gooey feelings inside. You all are truly awesome!

I know you've all probably seen this, but it had me flailing and happy all day yesterday until that whole rant thing happened. I LOVE STARK SANDS SOOO MUCH. And I want him to stop looking like and reminding me of my friend Max. It's not cool.

Stark is the only one who's allowed to make me feel like I'm a 16 year old girl dammit! :DDDDD

Love this fandom so hard....

2009-11-09 01:13 am

Oh the thoughts....

I'm probably a terrible person, but BOY DO I LOVE ME SOME DRUNK ASKARS. LOL

All right, time to retire to my bunk I believe. Night all!

2009-08-25 07:52 am

Of Wisdom Teeth, Birthdays and Concerts....

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out in about an hour so please excuse any insanity you see may see from me in the next couple days. I have no idea what kind of drugged up state I'll be in.

But it's all okay because today is


(made not by me :D)


2009-08-24 01:18 am

Don't make this easy, I want you to mean it...

I hate watching whole episodes of True Blood for only 5 seconds of Alex. But having him be half naked for those 5 minutes helps a lot. Have some picspam of the hottest torso in television.

Nnnnngggggg..... )

I either need someone to photoshop Stark Sands onto Anna's body or somoene to find me some kind of H/C Brad/Nate fic.

2009-07-10 12:41 am


I can't believe I actually just went and created a filter that includes no Torchwood comms. 

I've decided Generation Kill and Alex Skarsgard are going to distract me instead.
2009-06-26 04:32 pm

I like getting mail...

Whoo! Got Generation Kill and the first season of The Big Bang Theory in the mail today. Watching the video diaries for Generation Kill, which I've never seen before. 

And HOLY SHIT Alex is skinny. 

Thunderstorms are threatening and I get to stand outside from 6 until 10ish at Relay for Life. I'm not walking, thank god. 

I should really be showering and getting ready, not sitting her blinding myself with the pretty. *sigh*

2009-06-12 05:15 pm

Have a picpam...

Even in drag, Alex Skarsgard is the hottest man on the planet.




I'll be in my bunk... )

2009-06-05 04:38 am

(no subject)

It's 4:30 in the morning and I'm losing my mind. I tried to go to sleep an hour ago and I was very unsuccessful. I was trying to recreate the amazing dream I had about Alex Skarsgard last night.  MMMMmmmm....

Anyway now I'm sitting here listening to the birds, which I absolutely canNOT stand. 

I did however get the sudden idea to rewatch the McDean sunset ending clips. I miss those boys. Though if TPTB over at VL keep giving us scenes like the one below then I think I'll be ok. 

2009-06-01 02:32 pm

Yummy Alex Skarsgard!

[livejournal.com profile] moetushie posted a link to a picspam that will seriously kill your brain over at [livejournal.com profile] alex_skarsgard.  

Seriously just go HERE and enjoy all the pretty, while I recover in my bunk.