My last four entries have been flailing over Stark. So here's something substantial. Sort of. The last couple weeks have been mostly filled with lots of weed, the AI cast album and baseball. But I have some awesome stuff coming up so here's a rundown.
  • April 27 (Tomorrow...shhh it's today) - Hole (NYC)
  • May 2 - American Idiot (NYC)
  • May 8 - Angels and Airwaves (Connecticut)
  • June 10 - Jay Brannan (NYC)
  • September 16 (My best friend's birthday) - Lady Gaga(Connecticut)
    •  It's gonna be just like the Spice Girls. Shitty seats where we're so shitfaced it's not gonna matter. 

I'm leaving in the morning for the city and staying until Monday since it would be stupid to go back and then come back again a day later. Eric works during the day so I'll probably spend most of my time searching for used book stores and/or reading in the park or stalking. There's a good chance of record buying as well. 

Anybody else got anything good coming up? Besides school ending/graduation for you lucky few. 

Stark Sands is wearing those skinny jeans on national television.

Excuse me while my ovaries explode.

And now I'm going back to bed, because it is way too early. 

And where are those pictures from last night? INTERNET?
Seriously internet why are you failing me?

I expected to come home to lots of Stark and Alex pictures, but I'm not seeing them. 

What about I NEED THEM NOW did you not understand?

I'm only half joking. 
Is Stark Sands taking over your life?

Because he's taking over mine. 

A real post is coming. One of these days. 
Dear Stark, please be naked all the time. Love, me. 


Okay. Time to watch the Yanks get their WS rings. Happy Day! 
Just saw on Facebook that my best friend from ages 9-14 got engaged tonight. Seriously every time I see these people are getting married or having babies I just think of how unhappy they're going to be in a couple years. Though they're all the non-ambitious type anyway it's kind of sad to follow in your parents footsteps like that. It's something I promised myself I'd never do. 

On a happier note my obsession with Stark and American Idiot have reached all kinds of new levels of ridiculousness. I'm sure some of you understand. LOL If I don't get my hands on that cast album soon there's going to be issues. 

Not much else to report. I keep starting entries and then never finishing them. So for some bullet points.
  • I finally got around to watching Stargate: Universe a while back. It's kind of awful and not the way that Atlantis was awful, but still worth it. Cliche characters and some new obsession with religion I'm not entirely comfortable with. The whole sexualization of the verse is also something that's not working for me. It's coming back on Friday and I'll probably keep watching just cause I like the tidbits about the other characters and Michael Shanks has an appearance on this run which I'm looking forward to.
  • Speaking of Michael Shanks...does anyone have that gif of him and Ben Browder at Comic Con a few years back. Yeah you know the one I'm talking about...
  • I've been on an original slash kick the last week or so. Which means I've been staying up until ridiculous hours of the night and sleeping even crazier ones. And my books have been put on the back burner, which hasn't stopped me from buying more.
  • My friends and I got fucked up on vodka and weed the other night and danced in the rain. It's one of those defining life moments. We're also decided we really early 90s. Though that might be all the Courtney Love speaking.
  • I've decided on my next tattoo. It's pretty much going to be something like THIS somewhere on the back of my neck. I'm pretty excited about it. 
  • The Generation Kill Anon Kink meme has brought out aaaaallllll the Brad/Ray shippers. Apparently there's a lack. LOL I never noticed but that's cause it's mostly a no-go area for me. 
  • I WANT THIS SO FUCKING BAD. It's pretty much my favorite shirt ever. The fact that I'll never see it on him again makes me so sad. :(
Apparently I had a lot more to say than I realized. 

I also seem to have finally become the victim of LJ's notification issue, in that I'm not getting them. I'm surprised it took this long. 

Another pic. From some random Green Day website.

From last night's performance:
High-Quality video (It's MKV so break out your VLC players but it's the best for playing Spot the Stark.)
Audio (Ripped by me from the above video)

And the Cast version from the 21 Guns EP, which I'm pretty sure Stark isn't on but have it anyway. It's HERE. 

I also have the original cast only version if you're interested. 

A bunch of the cast is also on Twitter, but I didn't see any mention or pics of our boy. 

Stark Sands/Eyeliner is my new OTP. I can't wait until we get more stuff from this. I have a feeling it's going to pretty much kill me dead. 

Also hand!porn. As if I didn't already love his hands. 

I do love Green Day, I do I do. 

As for the rest of this abysmal awards show (3 1/2 hours? WTF?):
-Elton John managed to ruin one of my favorite Gaga songs.
-Holy Vagina GAGA!
-Taylor Swift needs to GTFO. As someone on my Twitter feed said, her lyrics are great for 8th graders, but she shouldn't be winning awards. And she can't sing live. Even on mute I know that. 
-Michael Jackson. SRSLY guys he's dead and hadn't done anything in about 15 years worth mentioning. It's time to let it rest. His family is only milking this by whoring out his kids who I'm still shocked are actually his. 
-And as unfunny as I usually find Stephen Colbert his big Fuck You to the crowd was fantastic. There's nothing I love more than someone who points out to celebrities how ridiculous their business actually is. 
-I also appreciated his Adam Lambert comment, because he's on level with MJ for a vomit/nightmare-inducing appearance. Not to mention personality. 
-But Kathy Griffin got robbed. 

Time to download and watch Big Love. 
But I don't want to watch the Grammys! 

Damn you Stark Sands! I'm mad at you now. 

Stop smiling at me! Oh fine. 

Aannnddd it's snowing again. 

Oh and if you knew JD Salinger was still alive you deserve some kind of medal. 
Drinking vodka and Sprite. Buying books on Amazon. And drooling over naked!Stark in Die Mommie Die.

Oh Stark. You're such a slut. 

Marry me. 

No, I'm not drunk. I'm just pretending. 

And a cigarette would be nice. 

Days 4-8

Dec. 9th, 2009 12:29 am
Just catching up. I was in NYC all weekend without my computer and then I was just lazy Sunday night and yesterday. So lots of insanity today. Still haven't watched Merlin. I'll get to it tomorrow, maybe.

The weekend was fine. Weather was shitty all day Saturday. Sadly no snow, just rain. And there's nothing on the ground here. Boo. Almost makes me wish I was still in Vermont. We barely left the apartment. Got ridiculously stoned Saturday morning and then again that night. Two weeks without weed makes me crazy. Or whatever strain that was. All of my insecurities came out. I apparently have a lot of problems with The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Oh well.

Day 01 → Your favourite song
Day 02 → Your favourite movie
Day 03 → Your favourite television program

Day 04 → Your Favourite Book )

Day 05 → Your Favourite Quote )

Day 06 → Whatever Tickles Your Fancy )

Day 07 → A Photo That Makes You Happy )
Day 08 → A Photo That Makes You Angry/Sad )

I could post Day 9 too since it technically already is, but I think I've given you enough.
ASkars being back in LA must be good luck because my necklace FINALLY came in the mail today. I was very close to going and e-mailing them about it, but it came with a nice note explaining why it was delayed and they added an extra anchor on it. I'm sooo excited about it.

Now I just need a reason to get dressed so I can wear it. LOL

I think a couple friends are coming over tonight to drink, maybe smoke and watch Glee. Hopefully it'll be better with other people. I know you all love the show but for some reason it's just not doing it for me. The pilot was genius and I still love their rendition of Don't Stop Believing (our national anthem according to Pete Wentz....LOL), but nothing is really living up to that and I find the characters to be too archetypal. Oh well good times will hopefully be had.

Thanks everyone for loving my Twilight (and Adam Lambert) rant yesterday. It gave me all kinds of warm gooey feelings inside. You all are truly awesome!

I know you've all probably seen this, but it had me flailing and happy all day yesterday until that whole rant thing happened. I LOVE STARK SANDS SOOO MUCH. And I want him to stop looking like and reminding me of my friend Max. It's not cool.

Stark is the only one who's allowed to make me feel like I'm a 16 year old girl dammit! :DDDDD

Love this fandom so hard....

I hate watching whole episodes of True Blood for only 5 seconds of Alex. But having him be half naked for those 5 minutes helps a lot. Have some picspam of the hottest torso in television.

Nnnnngggggg..... )

I either need someone to photoshop Stark Sands onto Anna's body or somoene to find me some kind of H/C Brad/Nate fic.



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