Hey all!

I've hijacked my friend's computer while he's at work. (I'm in NYC for the weekend.)

We went to see Jay Brannan last night.

We went to see him last summer and it was amazing.

But this time. ORGASM FOR MY SOUL. It's really the only way I can describe it. 

If you've never listened to his music I highly recommend you get yourself on Youtube or iTunes and listen to it. There aren't even words for me to describe how amazing he is. And if you do already listen to him. Go see one of his shows. You will not regret it. 

And now for some vids.

First, a Lady Gaga cover. And a song no one ever does, which I find surprising. The whole crowd was blown away. 

I can't find a vid of the song I was so excited to hear live, Uncle Auntie Socialite, so have this one. It's one of his new songs which will be on the new album he hasn't recorded yet. 

If I find the one I'm looking for I'll probably edit the post.
My last four entries have been flailing over Stark. So here's something substantial. Sort of. The last couple weeks have been mostly filled with lots of weed, the AI cast album and baseball. But I have some awesome stuff coming up so here's a rundown.
  • April 27 (Tomorrow...shhh it's today) - Hole (NYC)
  • May 2 - American Idiot (NYC)
  • May 8 - Angels and Airwaves (Connecticut)
  • June 10 - Jay Brannan (NYC)
  • September 16 (My best friend's birthday) - Lady Gaga(Connecticut)
    •  It's gonna be just like the Spice Girls. Shitty seats where we're so shitfaced it's not gonna matter. 

I'm leaving in the morning for the city and staying until Monday since it would be stupid to go back and then come back again a day later. Eric works during the day so I'll probably spend most of my time searching for used book stores and/or reading in the park or stalking. There's a good chance of record buying as well. 

Anybody else got anything good coming up? Besides school ending/graduation for you lucky few. 

Whoo so excited. Managed to dodge a scheduling conflict and bought tickets for Angels and Airwaves on May 8.

After that the only Blink related band I won't have seen is Box Car Racer.

Yes I have an issue.

Okay back to the drinks and drugs.

Two exciting things.

I officially have a date to see American Idiot! May 2! I'm so fucking excited you don't even know. Or maybe you do. 

I also just bought tickets to see Jay Brannan on June 10. 

Now all I have to do is make sure my friends still want to go see Angels and Airwaves and buy those tics. 

I'm off to the city this weekend for funtimes and picnics in the park. 
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The only band that I'm really dying to see at this point is Bayside. They're the only band that I really love that I haven't seen. But I'm really using this as an excuse to talk about Sunday night. Otherwise known as 


I went to see Blink and Fall Out Boy at Madison Square Garden. It was seriously the best concert I've ever been to. But things from the pit are always better. 

FOB is one of those bands I know I shouldn't love but do anyway and this was the second time I saw them live. They sang Don't Stop Believing and seriously they need to record a studio version of it because the place went insane. Or maybe that was just us. Pete called it our national anthem and I'm almost tempted to agree with him. And then of course the head shaving began. Seriously the funniest thing I've ever seen. I'll miss the emo hair though. I did love it.

Pete showin off the new do

Blink was so much better that night then they were when I saw them in Hartford. Then again no one died the day before. At our closest we were about 6 people from the stage. It provided a nice view of Pete coming out and molesting the bunny and Travis pouring water down the back of Tom's shirt. Seriously one of the best nights of my life. 

My only complaint only has to do with people in the pit. I really hate people who bring purses and backpacks with them. Seriously there's like three inches between you and the next person and they don't want your bag sticking into their side. I could have done without the crowd surfing. You might be having fun getting groped my drunk guys but you're interrupting the encore and my good time. Also I will drop you and not feel bad about it. I also won't feel bad about pushing the pregnant girl smoking the cigarette. Get the fuck out of here. 

And now for some pics. Mostly of Mark since we were on his side of the stage. 

I miss you, miss you... )

In other music news, if you haven't downloaded the new Mayday Parade you need to do it right now. It's officially out today but leaked a week or so ago. I saw them live a couple years ago and they're one of my favorite bands right now. All I have to do now is find/convince someone to go see them and The Academy Is... with me. Any takers? 



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