• Went to see Iron Man 2 today. In a word, it was AWESOME. Movies based on comic books are one of my favorite things ever. Scarlett Johansson was surprising good and held her own in her fight scenes. Mickey Rourke may turn me off men completely. If you see it in theaters make sure you stay through the ridiculously long credits. Especially if you're a Marvel fan like myself. 
  • I want a fic of Brad's reaction to Hammer's version of the Iron Man suit. It was all I could think of during that scene. 
  • I'm still pissed off Alex didn't get cast as Thor. I mean seriously who ELSE could play that part? He IS Thor. At least we get some Stellan. Wonder if he'll manage an ass shot. LOL
  • I've been catching up on Fringe and Stargate Universe. Fringe is still insane but insanely awesome at the same time. I still hold in my assessment that it's the best show on television. SGU is still awful.
  • As is Castle. Beckett? STFU & FOD. kthx
  • Is there some kind of wank going on in the Merlin fandom? I haven't been paying attention since like February. 
  • I will never get sick of Generation Kill. EVER. Brad and Nate will break me and put me back together forever. ILU BOYS. 
  • Don't get jealous Ray. I love you and Walt too. 
  • Saw Angels and Airwaves on Saturday night. Tom Delonge will blow my mind forever. And I need to either start going to concerts alone or finding new friends. Ones who actually care and want to be there. 
I have a bunch of comments to respond to and a couple entries to write. Perhaps I'll get to them tomorrow. 

Whoo so excited. Managed to dodge a scheduling conflict and bought tickets for Angels and Airwaves on May 8.

After that the only Blink related band I won't have seen is Box Car Racer.

Yes I have an issue.

Okay back to the drinks and drugs.

Two exciting things.

I officially have a date to see American Idiot! May 2! I'm so fucking excited you don't even know. Or maybe you do. 

I also just bought tickets to see Jay Brannan on June 10. 

Now all I have to do is make sure my friends still want to go see Angels and Airwaves and buy those tics. 

I'm off to the city this weekend for funtimes and picnics in the park. 
I don't care what people say. I love Angels and Airwaves. LOVE. THEM. 

And Tom may have been ridiculous on pain pills when he said this, but listening to them in the dark with headphones is truly the way to do it. 



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