I have the American Idiot Cast Album on vinyl. Oh HAPPY HAPPY DAYS. 

I may be making it up but Stark's voice is much more recognizable. HEAVEN. 

I'm going to post pictures later, not because there's anything special about it, but because I like pictures and am EXCITED!

Two other things that are making today awesome:
1.) My friend Ashley and I got the apartment we applied for on Friday. As long as nothing goes wrong with signing the lease, I will be moving to New York City as of August 1. *insert capslock flailing*

2.) My aunt and cousins are coming from Wyoming tonight. My aunt's only here until Wednesday, but my cousins are here for three weeks and then I'll be flying them back and staying a week and bringing my step-sister along. My family and I don't always get along, (it's mostly my grandmother), but my aunt is one of favorite people and her oldest daughter is 14 now so she's fun to corrupt.

Dinnertime now.  
My last four entries have been flailing over Stark. So here's something substantial. Sort of. The last couple weeks have been mostly filled with lots of weed, the AI cast album and baseball. But I have some awesome stuff coming up so here's a rundown.
  • April 27 (Tomorrow...shhh it's today) - Hole (NYC)
  • May 2 - American Idiot (NYC)
  • May 8 - Angels and Airwaves (Connecticut)
  • June 10 - Jay Brannan (NYC)
  • September 16 (My best friend's birthday) - Lady Gaga(Connecticut)
    •  It's gonna be just like the Spice Girls. Shitty seats where we're so shitfaced it's not gonna matter. 

I'm leaving in the morning for the city and staying until Monday since it would be stupid to go back and then come back again a day later. Eric works during the day so I'll probably spend most of my time searching for used book stores and/or reading in the park or stalking. There's a good chance of record buying as well. 

Anybody else got anything good coming up? Besides school ending/graduation for you lucky few. 

Two exciting things.

I officially have a date to see American Idiot! May 2! I'm so fucking excited you don't even know. Or maybe you do. 

I also just bought tickets to see Jay Brannan on June 10. 

Now all I have to do is make sure my friends still want to go see Angels and Airwaves and buy those tics. 

I'm off to the city this weekend for funtimes and picnics in the park. 



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