It's taken me almost two days to come to terms with Sunday's Big Love. Afterelton pretty much summed up all I have to say.

I understand the point the writers are trying to make, but I think both the story potential and that point could have been made without going down that route. I'm gonna miss Alby being crazy in love. It was the most refreshing part of the whole show. But then I never started watching it for Bill.


It's snowing again here. I know most people are sick and tired of winter and the cold, but it's never really bothered me. The only thing I hate about winter is the lack of baseball, but it doesn't matter because pitchers and catchers report tomorrow!! :DDDDD

Yes, I'm entirely too excited about that.

Is anyone else not watching the Olympics? I'll be watching tomorrow night for Shaun White, but that's it. I hate worldwide sporting events. The nationalism behind them is something that's always bothered me. Then again nationalism in general bothers me. 
Big Love:
-Not much to say besides Alby is insane and I totally love him for it. People seem to not like his character this season, but I think they're failing to realize he really wasn't one before now. He had potential and now we're finally getting to see it. 
-Bill's storyline continues to bore me to tears. 
-I want them to go there with Ben and Margene so bad. It's needed to happen since Season 1. 

-No gay this week makes me a sad girl. 
-IDK what it is about this show. It never excites me to no end but I also can't hate it. It's a very strange position for me. 

Big Bang Theory:
-I just smiled the whole way through this episode. 
-I don't understand why Jim Parsons doesn't get nominated for more awards. Or win them. He is ALWAYS on point. 
-Someone tell Johnny to cut his hair. It's starting to scare me. 

I tried to watch HIMYM for Swish, but I just couldn't. I don't know what it is about that show, but I really just hate it. I love NPH and Alyson but there's something about it that really doesn't work for me. I don't find it funny at all. 

And on to the best news: Lost will soon be over and I WILL NEVER HAVE TO HEAR ABOUT IT AGAIN. Hopefully Heroes is next. 

Is anyone watching Spartacus? I tried to watch the screeners that leaked, both the shitty and good quality, and it just seems awful. According to Lucy Lawless it doesn't hit it's stride until Episode 5, but I hesitate in actually believing that. 

I'm not sure I want the answer but what's with all the Rachel Maddow/Keith Olbermann RPF at the Porn Battle? With the exception of Colin and Bradley, this is why I've always stayed away from RPS. There's not many things that squick me out, but that is definitely one of them. 
BIG LOVE! Oh how I'm so glad I decided to start watching you.

Gay Mormons FTW! )

I need a preview for next week and there is none to be had. 

And I need icons. It's already 3am. Might as well go searching. 
-Decided to start watching Big Love since there's supposed to be all kinds of gay this season and there's nothing I like more than deeply closeted members of FLDS. 
-Almost nothing on this show looks like Utah and it fucking bothers me. The fact that I can pick out all the shots that are actually Salt Lake and the surrounding areas should probably worry me more than it does. (I even saw the hotel I usually stay at!)

-I could write soooooo much meta about this show.

-Mormons are still delusional crazy people. I'd say with a made up religion, but aren't they all?

-Award season means lots of screeners. I watched It's Complicated and Whip It the other night.
-I FUCKING HATE ALEC BALDWIN. That movie would have been so much better without him. I still liked it, but he just grates on me. He distracted me so much that I actually didn't mind John 'I'm a huge duchebag but it's okay cause I'm on The Office' Krasinski. GET AWAY WHILE YOU CAN EMILY BLUNT. 
-There's something about people over the age 50 getting stoned that's hilariously entertaining to me

-I was surprised to see Mary Kay Place NOT playing a Mormon. Thankfully she was still a prude so not much change there

-I love Ellen Page. Get over it. 

-I've been rewatching clips from The Daily Show for the last three or four days and I've learned a few things.
-People who believe in god scare me.

-I should have been a lot more terrified during the Bush administration. 

-Al Franken is one of my favorite people ever. I wish I lived in Minnesota so I could have voted for him.

-Joe Lieberman. Just no. Seriously Connecticut I know we can do better than this guy. Please stop voting for him. I do love Jon's impression though. I crack up every time. 

-I really fucking hate Republicans. What a delusional bunch. 

-I would like to marry John Oliver. How do I make this happen?

-Where did all these politicians get the idea that America is a Christian nation and that we don't have a separation of church and state? Have they actually read the constitution or paid attention in their American history classes? Maybe if they had they would know that most of the founders were deists, agnostics and atheists and that they would be appalled with the rhetoric of the GOP. 

-I've decided it's time to get rid of some of my Torchwood icons. I love them, but we're not getting back together and I think it's time to let go. 

-I'm thinking about changing my username. Same journal, just a different name. Good idea? Y/N? Any suggestions for a new one?

-I still haven't watched Being Human. I need to get on that. I'm uploading them for a couple comms if any of you need links. Though the impatience of people in this fandom kind of makes me hate them. 

-Football season just needs to end. I need baseball and my Yankees back ASAP. (This point justifies my userpic)

-And because we CANNOT FUCKING ESCAPE IT. People listen to me, late night network television is TERRIBLE. Yes Conan got shafted, but they are both AWFUL. Neither of them are funny, nor is anyone else. If you have to watch someone, watch Craig Ferguson. I could never watch him everyday, but at least he has a sense of humor. 



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