ASkars being back in LA must be good luck because my necklace FINALLY came in the mail today. I was very close to going and e-mailing them about it, but it came with a nice note explaining why it was delayed and they added an extra anchor on it. I'm sooo excited about it.

Now I just need a reason to get dressed so I can wear it. LOL

I think a couple friends are coming over tonight to drink, maybe smoke and watch Glee. Hopefully it'll be better with other people. I know you all love the show but for some reason it's just not doing it for me. The pilot was genius and I still love their rendition of Don't Stop Believing (our national anthem according to Pete Wentz....LOL), but nothing is really living up to that and I find the characters to be too archetypal. Oh well good times will hopefully be had.

Thanks everyone for loving my Twilight (and Adam Lambert) rant yesterday. It gave me all kinds of warm gooey feelings inside. You all are truly awesome!

I know you've all probably seen this, but it had me flailing and happy all day yesterday until that whole rant thing happened. I LOVE STARK SANDS SOOO MUCH. And I want him to stop looking like and reminding me of my friend Max. It's not cool.

Stark is the only one who's allowed to make me feel like I'm a 16 year old girl dammit! :DDDDD

Love this fandom so hard....

I FINALLY caught up on Merlin today. I've been away and busy every weekend since it started and my computer's harddrive isn't cooperating with my viewing habits. Anyway, I don't really want to get into anything detailed but here are the highlights.

Spoilers... )

That's it. Glee and Top Chef tonight. I've been harsh on it so far, mostly because it hasn't lived up to the EPICNESS of the pilot. Last week seemed to be a VAST improvement so hopefully this week will continue that. 

Glee is STILL not impressing me as much as it should. There's a severe lack of continuity and no flow and it's beginning to grate. As for this last episode I would have much more preferred the suggested 'Finn's in love with Kurt' storyline than all this crap about babies.

Also Beyonce needs to die a slow and horrible death for forcing her terrible music on the world. 

The world really didn't want me to see Bones last night. Must be all the spies. I loved when Joseph from Kings called Angel old. It brought the LOLZ. And I really would have loved more interaction between Joseph (I have no idea what his character's name is) and Sweets. 

That's all. I got up before noon today so hopefully I can get something productive done today. 

OOHHHH!!! AAANNDD Never Mind the Buzzcocks comes back October 1st. Now when are we gonna get an airdate for QI? I'm going through serious withdrawals here people!
So Glee. I know everyone loves it, but for me unless I start getting really really high before I watch it or it starts to get better I'm gonna have to stop all together. I loved the pilot so so much that what's happening now is a disappointment.

Glee 1x03 )

Bones. Let me tell you my thing with Bones. When this show first premiered it was when Crossing Jordan was still on the air. I don't think any of you know the love I had and still have for that show. Woody & Jordan were my OTP for a very long time and I miss them so bad. So when Bones came on the air I tried to watch it. I made it about half way through the pilot before I realized it was a COMPLETE rip off of CJ. I really really was appalled by this and never gave it another chance. Until about 5 months ago. I watched 3 1/2 seasons in a week, probably less actually. I do like the show, but I could never, ever do the fandom. For me it would just be disrespectful to a very important time in my fandom life and het just really doesn't do it for me anymore.

Bones 5x01 )

Lately things have been failing to impress me. I don't know if I've been watching too much Generation Kill but I haven't seen anything lately that's really wowed me. Hopefully that will change soon. *shrugs* Maybe Merlin on Saturday will do the trick

My friend and I ended up IMing each other while we were both watching the ep, so I actually have some coherent thoughts. They're under the cut to save your flists and in case you either don't care or haven't seen it yet.

Glee 1x02 )

I didn't see the preview for the rest of the season because I had to switch over to YES to see if Derek Jeter would pass Lou Gehrig for the most hits in Yankee history. He walked, but they won. I really wish I could have been at the Stadium tonight. I should look for tickets for Friday. Hmmm...

"He's one of the classiest people to ever play this game," Jeter said during an on-field, postgame television interview pumped over the stadium public address system."It's just kind of mind-boggling to have my name next to his."



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