Aug. 25th, 2009 01:02 am
  • 02:57 Just killed and flushed some kind of centipede in my bathroom. Gross. #
  • 11:10 Tom Delay is going to be on Dancing With the Stars? How do people still take the Republican party seriously when they pull shit like this? #
  • 13:20 Peeing in my bathroom has become an extreme sport since the window keeps fucking falling out. #
  • 16:26 Getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. Every food plan was just fouled up. Did get my @blink182 tickets for MSG in the mail though. #
  • 17:59 Walking into the grocery store you've shopped at for 20 years & having it be completely unrecognizable is an interesting experience #
  • 18:12 Monster string beans from my mom's garden. #
  • 20:22 "Neil Patrick Harris, reigning Master of the Universe." Love that title. I think he should always be referred to that way. LOL #
  • 22:08 Watching Camp. I watch it cause I love the way Daniel Letterle sings Wild Horses. Oh and it's ridiculous and lives up to the title. LOL #
  • 23:52 @mj282 I was wondering that myself. But I'm seeing links pop up for it so I'm guessing yes. #
  • 00:01 @mj282 check out @zerosec #


Aug. 24th, 2009 01:01 am
  • 14:45 Just bought a huge gawdy owl pendant at Jo-ann's for $3. Can't wait to wear it. #
  • 18:36 Watching Goblet of Fire on ABCFamily while I clean my living room & wait for the Yankee game to start. Or maybe not. I forgot who's in this. #
  • 19:09 Suffering through a night of commentary by Joe Morgan and whatshisface to watch the Yankee game. God I hate watching baseball on ESPN #
  • 19:11 *huggles Derek Jeter* #
  • 19:44 This game is going to be painful. I can already tell. #
  • 20:30 I think ESPN has schizophrenia tonight. It's all over the place. #
  • 21:15 @jademyst That man's lack of understanding for the game of baseball astounds me. #
  • 21:56 Stop talking about shit that happened 5 years ago to teams that aren't playing! We don't care #
  • 22:07 Walks are kind of irrelevant when you give up 5 HRs Jon. #
  • 22:10 Oh the stupidity. The Yankees didn't have an ace to face Sabathia in Cleveland. Now they do. OF COURE THEY DO IDIOT. THEY HAVE SABATHIA! #
  • 23:47 The fact that I just went and downloaded an older version of VLC because the new one won't let me screencap is absolutely ridiculous. Gah... #


Aug. 23rd, 2009 01:00 am
  • 00:07 I love being ducked up and I love my friends! #
  • 14:48 I would like to leave my friend's house so I can go home and shower. I feel gross sweating out alcohol and weed. #
  • 18:03 Just had some yummy Panera. Seeing 500 Days of Summer now. Hope it's good. #
  • 22:27 Didn't think 500 days of summer was anything special. It takes a lot to reel me in these days. Went to Target after and bought awesome heels #
  • 23:52 Watching/listening to @jimmycarr In Concert and trying to sleep. I'm thinking Generation Kill marathon tomorrow...y/y? #


Aug. 22nd, 2009 01:00 am
  • 13:04 I'm so excited to get fucked up tonight. It's been too long. #
  • 13:23 I don't understand 25 year olds who watch disney and nick shows and then fangirl about them. I just don't. #
  • 20:06 I'm sure my step-father is not in a good mood thanks to this game. I almost feel bad for my mom. LOL LET'S GO YANKEES!!!! #
  • 20:52 Jim Rice thinks Jeter is focused on individual goals & money? Um...where has he been 4 the last 13 years? Manny & A-Rod I get but Jeter? No #
  • 21:00 I would like my friends to come get me now. I'm getting sleepy and want to leave before I fall asleep. #


Aug. 20th, 2009 11:01 pm
  • 10:40 That tweet about the Christian guy & his atheist wife got me followed by a pastor's wife. I'm an atheist, hence the LOLZ that caused. BLOCK! #
  • 12:59 Sitting in my 5000 degree living room so I can get my Kish and @AfterElton liveblog fix. #
  • 14:37 has read How I Paid For College A Novel Of Sex, Theft, Frie... by Marc Acito and owns a copy of it - #
  • 17:53 As long as Kavan's in it! :DD RT @dhewlett: wonder what this #GIVEMEMYSGAMOVIE is all about? ;-) #
  • 20:58 YES!!!!!!! So happy Daniel won #projectrunway :DDDDD #
  • 20:59 Daniel and @fk_TimGunn are just too funny. Give them a reality show. LOL #
  • 21:32 @ChadDarnell I love when Tim Gunn gets dirty. lol #
  • 21:47 @jesi76082 haha I was thinking the same thing. #
  • 21:58 Sam Ronson or Perez Hilton? Who's out? And not like that. lol #


Aug. 19th, 2009 11:01 pm
  • 08:59 This hotel in Salt Lake won't let me on @AfterElton. Grrr..... #
  • 11:13 The guy who drove me to the airport was super nice and super cute and NOT MORMAN! Got my Starbucks and waiting for my flight to board. :DDD #
  • 12:14 I don't really have an opinion about Barney Frank, but he always brings the LOLZ... #
  • 12:36 Got a window seat. Whooooo!! #
  • 13:48 The guy behind me is flying to OK 2 sign divorce papers b/c his wife decided she was an atheist & didn't want 2 be married 2 a Christian LOL #
  • 14:47 Somoeone get me the hell out of the Vegas airport. I just want to go home and watch Latter Days. After being in Salt Lake I need it. #
  • 15:15 There are like 10 people boarding this flight in wheelchairs. Only in Vegas. #


Aug. 18th, 2009 01:16 am
  • 11:29 OMG YES! Can't wait for this RT @kunalnayyar: I cant keep a straight face in this scene, Lewis Black brings the hilarity like none other!!!! #
  • 13:46 My pictures from Craters of the Moon. Have a lava field. #
  • 17:57 @mj282 A duck tour is when you tour a city first from land & then in the water on old military vehicles. It's cool, but really touristy. #
  • 18:06 @mj282 True Blood. You'll need to watch Mad Men just to calm down. #
  • 18:38 @frolixwifbunneh There's nothing fail about my mac either. :D #
  • 22:27 Watching 10 Things I Hate About You with my cousins. I saw it in theaters. I feel old. And I miss Heath :( #
  • 23:58 Off to bed. Driving down to Salt Lake and shopping tomorrow, then back to Connecticut on Wednesday. #



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