For those of you so inclined, the DVDRip of Parked has made its way onto the interwebs. 
This may be the cold talking, but did Bradley steal his narrating voice from this?

Why the hell do people disable embedding?


I just can't. No. 

It's 3am and apparently this has created a need to rant about Gotye for a minute. Or twelve. 

Gotye has one good song. ONE. And that's only because of Kimbra. I love that song. I do. It has an embarrassing amount of plays in my iTunes library. But the rest is a complete snoozefest. 

I don't care if my friends met him and wanted to cream their panties at the experience. 

And now my brain wants me to remedy Bradley James and Gotye and write RPS about Bradley listening to that song and wallowing over Colin. 

I need to go to bed. And then possibly revisit that thought in the morning when there is coffee and my brain makes more sense to me. 


A book meme stolen from [ profile] aliashpfanatic

1. Favourite childhood book?
Fear Street

2. What are you reading right now?
Just finished re-reading The Steel Remains by Richard K Morgan. The second book of the series, The Cold Commands, just came out so I'm going to start reading that soon.3. What books do you have on request at the library?
Nothing at the moment. I still haven't gotten a New York library card. 

4. Bad book habit?
I always start reading books and then start reading something else and not going back to the others for a few years. 

More )
Been in Germany since Monday morning. Our flight from New York ended up being delayed so we missed our connection in Berlin, but they were really good about getting everybody booked on other flights. Though once we got here our bags hadn't made it so we had to wait for them to be delivered the next day. 

On Tuesday after we got our bags and got ready we went back into Nuremberg to have lunch and do some shopping and what not. Yesterday we took the train to Munich to go to Oktoberfest, which was sooo much fun. The most fun I've had in a very long time. My friend's sister who we're staying with, Tammy has really amazing friends and they made the whole experience so much better. They just started talking to random people and taking pictures with them so we made a lot of 'new friends' as we took to calling them. 

Today's a chill day so we can to all the errands and whatnot that still need to be done for the wedding/party that's happening on Saturday. All the family members and friends are coming tomorrow, while Ashley and I decorate the cabin where the after party is happening.

I figured out how to use the wi-fi on my phone without racking up crazy international charges, so I've been able to keep up with my facebook and flist. I'll have lots of pictures to post when I get back. 
I don't even remember the last time I posted and I'm scared to look. I have no other excuse other than I haven't felt like updating. But I can never not check my LJ at least 10 times a day and that's a conservative estimate, so I've been around.

Now on the the exciting bit. I'm leaving for Germany tomorrow! For two weeks. My friend/roommate Ashley's sister lives there and is getting married so we're going for the wedding. My first lesbian wedding and it's in another country. 

Seriously though, I'm so excited. Germany was next on my list to visit so I'm quite happy it's happening like this. 

I am a little sad that I'll be missing the first ep of Merlin, but I'll be getting home in time for the second so that'll be good. I don't know how I'm going to catch up of my flist though. Hopefully I'll be able to sneak online and see what the internet's been up to. 

Okay the Yanks have just finished destroying the Sox so now I have to go start packing before my friends show up to celebrate our last night. 

My preparations for the hurricane. My roommate is stuck in Connecticut so it's just me, the cats and the beer for the duration. Here's to hoping we don't all go crazy. 
I want knights and quests and general nonsense. Please come back Merlin, please?
Thank you Warehouse 13 for giving me another chance to stare at Gareth David-Lloyd in a waistcoat. 

The smile never left me face. 

And whether that reference to Sherlock Holmes was intentional or not, it made me laugh. 
At Jones Beach watching My Chemical Romance and waiting for Blinn to take the stage. It may be a pain in the ass to get to and it may be raining, but goddamn it's awesome here.

As I told some gay guy an hour ago, I love my life!
I really wish I knew how to come home to Connecticut and not stay up until 6am reading stories I find on [info]the_slash_pile.

Tonight's selection: Lem (and really don't be scared by the fact that this is on Nifty. It's worth the day you will devote to it.)

And take my advice and download Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room as your soundtrack for this. It's kind of just perfect. 

And just an amazing album, but that's besides the point. 

And after reading who knows how many words about rodeos, it's a good thing I'm going to Wyoming in a few weeks. Got me in the mood for my yearly dose of cowboy lifestyle. 

And now bed. 


Jul. 10th, 2011 08:57 pm
Ianto Jones help me, but I think I actually liked the first episode of Torchwood 4. 

The surprise Paul James probably helped with that. But what happened to PC Andy's hair/face? Something looks off. 
I know I'm American and all, but why do I still have to explain to people who Stephen Fry is?
Laptop's dead again. Bringing it to the Apple store tomorrow. It's only been a month since I've had everything replaced. I don't know what's going on with me and technology lately.

On the flipside, I've bought tickets for Alkaline Trio and Blink. Next up is a ticket to see Yellowcard, Go Radio and Every Avenue in November.
Just got back from seeing Bayside. I've been waiting to see them for like six years at this point and they did not disappoint. My brain is pretty much a pile of mush right now. 

Hopefully it won't be that long before I get to see them again. 
Got my computer back today. They replaced a bunch of stuff, including the hard drive which means I no longer have to run my OS off my external. I haven't been able to do that in almost a year. It's more overwhelming than I thought it would be.

Now begins what I'm sure will be the days long process of transferring all my files and settings to how I want them. 

I have some things to say about Game of Thrones, but it will have to wait until tomorrow when my brain can actually form the thoughts into words. 

Now to watch the rest of the Yankee game and go to bed. 
Did a very scary thing and signed up for [ profile] reel_merlin. I've been waiting for it to come around again so I can get this Newcastle idea out of my head. Finally.

I've also been having computer woes. Yesterday I got up and my MacBook Pro wouldn't turn on. I brought it to the apple store today and it seems like they're going to replace a bunch of things. So hopefully in a couple days I'll actually have a functioning laptop again and won't have to run my OS off my external hard drive.

Once I rescue the installation disks from Connecticut of course.
atticlibrarian: (doctor who porn)
I stopped watching Doctor Who sometime during the specials with Ten. Around that terrible one with sand and the bus. 

Anyway, since there's a new series that's just started and I kind of miss the days when awesome British sci-fi was filling my mind, is it worth it to go back and catch up?

I'm not completely sold on the idea of Matt Smith. I haven't decided if I like him as an actor, let alone as the Doctor. 

Nor do I really like the look of that girl as his assistant. I don't know if I can survive another Rose. 

Worth it? Not worth it? No opinion at all?

Hopefully a real post tomorrow about the two Kylie shows I saw this week and the rest of the nonsense that's been going on in fandom and beyond. 

Time to myself to bed.

Night all. 

Waiting for Kylie part 1 start. I'm in gay heaven.

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