Did you ever have a conversation with someone that completely changed the way you look at your relationship? 

My friends and I have been having issues the last couple months and mostly unspoken ones at that. Things have came out into the open today though. My camera had all the pictures from New Year's on them and because most of them aren't fit for public consumption my friends want me to send the pics to them. For a normal person it wouldn't be a problem, but my computer is an asshole, especially when it comes to iPhoto and doing anything with the pictures on my computer.

I just didn't want to deal with it right away and I think my friends were completely overreacting about it. But apparently it's my responsibility and I'm being selfish by not wanting to deal with my asshole of a computer. It turned it to a conversation about how basically the reason that my friends don't call me to hang out is that I'm ungrateful for the fact that because I don't drive they have to come pick me up and shuttle me everywhere. Which is fine. I understand why they feel that way, but it wouldn't kill them to actually say that instead of me thinking that they don't want me around. 

I'm not ungrateful, things have just gotten complacent in that regard. No I don't drive, but it's never really been an issue before and if it was no one ever said anything. I hate when people don't talk about this kind of stuff. If you have an issue you have to voice it otherwise things are never going to change. 

It'll be interesting to see what happens from here. I feel better about the fact that I'm not losing my friends of over 10 years, but I don't know what to think about the fact that they couldn't tell me that they felt that way.
So I didn't really explain the whole backstory behind that rant the other day, but if you read my tweets from that day you can probably figure it out.

One of my best friends from high school who I don't see or talk to much anymore, mostly because she lives with her boyfriend and isn't around much, is going to see the movie tonight at midnight (shock! horror!). She told me. I said I should disown her. Discussion via twitter ensued. Basically I got pissed off and needed to rant.

So said friend just IMed me to tell me that she wishes I was going with her and her boyfriend to the movie tonight. I said I'd rather shove a spoon in my eye and I sent her my rant. Basically she didn't get it and I was trying very hard not to insult her and tell her that the reason why she didn't get it is the same reason she thinks everything with Twilight is okay. Very hard to do. Especially since I'm supposed to see her this weekend.

She thinks she started a fight, which she didn't. She wanted to know why I'm so passionate about my hatred, another reason why she obviously didn't get the point.

I told her it was having a negative influence on my life. She said just ignore it. I said I'd like to see you try cause it's FUCKING EVERYWHERE.

Apparently we need to talk more because last she knew everything was fine with me and Twilight. When I first read the books I didn't like them very much, but hoped that once I got through the first one they would get better. Well that didn't happen. But since then things have exploded and I've read more and more about how truly awful not only the books are but their influence.

Science fiction and fantasy are really important to me. I watch a lot of it, I read a lot of it and it's influenced a lot of the way that I look at life. Twilight and Stephenie Meyer's writing are a disgrace to the genre and will never stop offending me as a fan of that genre.


And if you don't believe that read this: If I find out an author is a Republican or doesn't believe in evolution or is even a Red Sox fan I won't read them. And I have every right to do that, believe that and say that. THE FUCKING END.

I really need go watch some boys make out to make myself feel better. I hope this is the last time I have to talk about this for awhile. It's exhausting and really fucking annoying. Especially because I have no cigarettes to calm me down.
So the highlights of my weekend were circle jerking with four people in my friend's basement with three bowls (silly me for not carrying mine around for all occasions) and a blunt at 5 in the morning while her mom was in the kitchen right above us and once again not sleeping in my own bed. 


Do you like my new OTP? 

Here's what friends are.

Friends are the people who answer the phone at 4am when you're crying your eyes out because the same guy was an asshole for the millionth time. Friends don't say I told you so, no matter how much you want them to. Friends let you talk about yourself and your problems as much as you want without asking for anything in return. When the plans change, friends call and ask if it's okay and take your feelings into consideration, especially if the change does not include you. Friends actually answer texts and phone calls. Friends don't say I'll let you know what the plans are for later and then never do, leaving someone sitting there waiting all night. Friends don't ditch you for some guy who doesn't even fucking matter. 

I am a friend. The people I apparently thought were mine aren't. 

I'm just really fucking pissed off right now. I'm gonna get Daisy and get stoned and hope the Yankees win or I'm gonna start throwing things. 

My friends and I just enjoyed a stoney ride to McDonald's accompianied by S Club 7.

We're so classy. LOL

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My friend and I just spent the last 10 minutes sending pictures back and forth of Pete Wentz's ass and dick and him making out with boys. And then he told me he's been jerking off to pictures of Mr. Wentz since he was 17.

I love this boy to death. LOL

I also love a boy in tight skinny jeans and eyeliner. 


May. 15th, 2009 12:33 am
Everyone in my life is seriously way out of control. Which is making me even more out of control.

My day included getting in a huge fight with my mom on the phone that resulted in me hanging up on her.

And just now getting into a huge fight with one of my 'friends' about how ridiculous he's been all year and me eventually kicking him out of my apartment. But apparently I have no right to voice my opinion to him even when it concerns me. Whatever.

Someone please get me out of the state of Vermont right now! 


Apr. 29th, 2009 11:00 pm
I'm sitting in my friend's dorm room while her and our other friend discuss and write poetry. I LOATHE poetry. I want to read slashy porn.

I also need a fucking drink. Why are all the liquor stores closed? ;(
My friend just informed me that he was planning on coming up to Vermont this weekend to visit, but he forgot that he promised this guy that he could stay at his place before he flew out of JFK. 

BUT...he's coming next weekend instead! It's Easter and I was supposed to go to my aunt and uncle's but this is much better

I really hope he follows through with it. 

And on another random note. I took nap today and had dreams about Twitter and my intense want of a dog. 

Do I need help? Probably.

Daily Show then bed. 

I had such a FABULOUS time last night!

My friend picked me up, we hugged and went straight into blasting American Pie as we drove. We sang some Lady Gaga and some other classics. It was awesome. 

Then he finally told me what the plan was. We went to pick up supplies and then went to VIP for sex toys and a bowl. We got the bowl, but sadly my friend couldn't find anything he wanted...lol.

We got lost getting back on the highway and ended up finding ourselves at UConn. No one was there because they're also on spring break, so we found a bench behind some apartments and christened are new friend. And let me tell you it was amaazzzingg. Sooo good. We sat there for awhile and then drove home, where I stared out the sunroof as we listened to awesome music and then sang our way through the decades. 

We were starving on the way back and got McDonald's with milkshakes which I had sort of been craving for a few days even though it's been years since I've had one.

We went back to my friend's house to chill until my other friend got out of work. We were gonna go out to a bar but when we got there it was closed. :(

Instead we decided another bowl and the rest of a blunt was in order, so we smoked those and then went inside and watched random stuff on youtube. Most notably videos from Kylie's X tour. I made the suggestion that no matter what the next time she tours we have to go. She's never going to come the the States, so we're gonna have to go to London or stay with my friend's sister in Germany. I don't care I never give up the chance to get out of the States. 

Kylie's shows are so fantastic. She puts everyone to shame.

We had a bit of girl chat and then went to bed, as it was around 3:30 and we'd lost an hour because the clocks had changed.

Woke up around noon and have hung around the house doing not much since I got home. Though the first thing I saw when I got home was my mother sitting in the Jeep she's trying to sell on the front lawn. Now I'm sitting on my couch watching the Harry Potter marathon on my big TV and drinking iced coffee. And now I also really have the urge to read the 7th book again. 

I think it needs to happen. :D


Mar. 7th, 2009 05:31 pm
Got back home for Spring Break this afternoon. Have put away my clothes and done laundry and now I'm just waiting for my friend to get me so I can go out and have a good time. 

Though he did say he had adventures in mind for us. I think I should be worried.

Oh well as long as alcohol or other...things...are involved I don't really care.

Have a nice night!



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