I haven't been an active member in the Harry Potter fandom in what seems like a very long time, which actually now that I think about it, is a very long time. But since we're coming to the beginning of the end of what I'm sure was a very important era for most of us. It's time to talk about it again. 

Meme stolen from [livejournal.com profile] calyupsos 

30 days of Harry Potter...all in one. )

Okay now back to postseason baseball. LET'S GO YANKEES!


Jul. 21st, 2009 09:45 pm
I just came across someone in a friending meme who ships Voldemort/Quirell.


Went to go see HBP at midnight last night with my friend Shaina. I should have done this when I got home, but it was already 3:30 when I got home and into bed. 

Possibly spoilerly thoughts... )

I'll leave you with my current favorite picture of Rupert.

A meme...

May. 27th, 2009 03:40 pm
Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] courtneyturney 

Name your fifteen absolutely favorite couples (het/slash/canon/fanon) and ask people to see what trend they notice about your couples. Try to pick different fandoms. 

1. Daria-Trent/Daria
2. Roswell-Michael/Maria
3. Harry Potter-Harry/Ginny
4. Harry Potter-Ron/Hermione
5. Crossing Jordan-Woody/Jordan
6. Torchwood-Jack/Ianto
7. The History Boys-Scripps/Posner
8. SGA-Sheppard/Lorne
9. SG-1/SGA-Lorne/Mitchell
10. Verbotene Liebe-Christian/Olli
13. Merlin-Arthur/Merlin
14. Generation Kill-Brad/Nate
15. RPS-Bradley James/Colin Morgan

I don't know if there's actually any trend, but I will tell you that there is something intentional about that list....

I had such a FABULOUS time last night!

My friend picked me up, we hugged and went straight into blasting American Pie as we drove. We sang some Lady Gaga and some other classics. It was awesome. 

Then he finally told me what the plan was. We went to pick up supplies and then went to VIP for sex toys and a bowl. We got the bowl, but sadly my friend couldn't find anything he wanted...lol.

We got lost getting back on the highway and ended up finding ourselves at UConn. No one was there because they're also on spring break, so we found a bench behind some apartments and christened are new friend. And let me tell you it was amaazzzingg. Sooo good. We sat there for awhile and then drove home, where I stared out the sunroof as we listened to awesome music and then sang our way through the decades. 

We were starving on the way back and got McDonald's with milkshakes which I had sort of been craving for a few days even though it's been years since I've had one.

We went back to my friend's house to chill until my other friend got out of work. We were gonna go out to a bar but when we got there it was closed. :(

Instead we decided another bowl and the rest of a blunt was in order, so we smoked those and then went inside and watched random stuff on youtube. Most notably videos from Kylie's X tour. I made the suggestion that no matter what the next time she tours we have to go. She's never going to come the the States, so we're gonna have to go to London or stay with my friend's sister in Germany. I don't care I never give up the chance to get out of the States. 

Kylie's shows are so fantastic. She puts everyone to shame.

We had a bit of girl chat and then went to bed, as it was around 3:30 and we'd lost an hour because the clocks had changed.

Woke up around noon and have hung around the house doing not much since I got home. Though the first thing I saw when I got home was my mother sitting in the Jeep she's trying to sell on the front lawn. Now I'm sitting on my couch watching the Harry Potter marathon on my big TV and drinking iced coffee. And now I also really have the urge to read the 7th book again. 

I think it needs to happen. :D

Old Fics

Apr. 21st, 2006 03:56 pm
I decided to post the fics that I've written that are posted on fanfiction.net. One is a Crossing Jordan fic I posted way back in September before the season 5 premiere. The other is a HP fic that I wrote the August before that, so way back in 04 and pre-HBP. Eventually I'll try to rework all the rest of the things I've written or started though most of them will need to be changed to fit with canon or just for being crap.

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