Pissed Jim Parsons didn't win an Emmy. Though NPH is awesome. Generation Kill better win or things are gonna get ugly.


Sep. 10th, 2009 09:48 pm
Dear Supernatural, 

Stop acknowledging fandom. It's not okay.

But then again, neither is that fandom. 



Had to change my journal layout since the other one was hosted on another site and isn't loading for some reason. I like this one though. It's But I figured out how to add my own header and now have nice Alex to stare at. :D

Someone send me some good slash. I'm stuck in a car with my homophobic step-father and I'm about to lose it. HELP!!!!!

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I don't know what kind of karma I have, but apparently it's not good. Ever since we had that Internet outage last week my laptop has been fucked up. I don't ever use Firefox unless I'm creating PDFs and it was being such an asshole for no reason. Then iTunes decided it didn't want to open and wouldn't tell me why, it just failed to open and gave me a blank error message. Last night I was trying to fix it because I was planning on making some CDs for my cousins. For some reason when I tried to download iTunes it wouldn't do it, so I restarted my computer and then it wouldn't fully reboot. It still won't. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to convince my mom to take me to the Apple store on Thursday after my dentist appointment so that I can see what's wrong with it.

UGHHHHH! I don't know why these things always happen to me.

I also woke up this morning at like 5:15 feeling like crap. I don't know if it's my gallbladder or what, but it's not a good thing since we're going to Coney Island today. But the really exciting thing is that I'm staying in the city because I'm going to see JAY BRANNAN tomorrow night!!! I've been attempting to do this for over a year and I'm sooooo pumped it's finally happening.

Full report when I get back home. And then it's off to Baltimore to see the Red Sox play the Orioles. It wasn't my choice, obviously, or we'd be seeing the Yankees but no one cares what I think.

I have such lovely, intelligent people on my flist who are pretty much saying exactly what was on my mind last night. 

My reaction was pretty much FUCK YOU RTD!  wwnnreovnreoinv*Supernaturalfandomisinsane,nothanks*asoncriowebnvoernvreb.

Thankfully I rethought that post.

I just wanted to thank you all for not being crazies. I haven't ventured over to the TW comms in almost two weeks and I don't think I'll be doing so for a very long time, if ever. It's not that I'm so upset I can't handle it. It's that I can't deal with the insanity and I need mine right now.

I hope you all are having a lovely day and will enjoy laughing with me at the evisceration that is to come at Comic-con this weekend.

(I also figured out why I never like Gwen. It's because she's the TW replica of Rose. And I HATE Rose. Good job RTD on the original characters there.)

I'm not speaking to the Torchwood fandom right now. 

I'll be back when everything is said and done. 
Torchwood fandom has lost their freakin minds today. I honestly don't believe that, sorry. 

Also I want to do BAD, BAD things to Rupert Grint. 


Jun. 30th, 2009 08:06 pm
I will never understand why people who belong to sharing communities don't check the tags. 9 out of 10 times what they're looking for is already there. Probably spelled wrong, but there nonetheless. 

Some comments:
Rupert: You never say much but at least you're pretty.
Dan: Leave the comedy to Rupert please.
Emma: Just STFU. You know forever.

And that clip was really boring. They couldn't give us something better than that?



May. 31st, 2009 06:19 pm
Okay I LOVE Harry Potter. 

I love Rupert Grint.

I can't wait for Half-Blood Prince.

If only to see Rupert in Quidditch gear.

But really, the movies are terrible. 

Dan and Emma make me cry with some of their acting choices sometimes. And NOT in a good way. I'm watching Prisoner of Azkaban right now on ABC Family and every time I see it I try to figure out whose idea it was to make Lupin so OOC. It's actually painful to watch some of those scenes. I think David Thewlis could have done an amazing job if they just gave him better material. 

Gripe over. Maybe I'll watch Order. It's been awhile and it doesn't make me scream. Much.


May. 27th, 2009 11:47 pm
So I wanted to watch Summerstorm, but my DVD player decided it only wanted to play the sound. So I moved onto something else. 

I'm rewatching a little movie called Love and Other Disasters with the adorable Matthew Rhys. There's a little character in this movie called Paolo who looks very familiar to me and it's not because I've seen this movie like fifteen times.

A little check over at imdb and it turns out to be none other than Santiago. FUCKING. Cabrera.

Otherwise known as Lancelot to all my fellow Merlin fans out there. 

That's all I really have to say. :D

*fails at having a Lancelot icon*
As someone who lives and has gone to school in two states where gay marriage was legalized in the last year, this crap in California has reached a level of ridiculousness that I just can't stand. 

The world has not ended, pigs have not started to fly and if hell existed it has not frozen over. In the immortal words of the Stonewall project: Gay people exist, get the FUCK over it. Move on and deal with your own failing relationships and marriages and stop worrying about everyone else's. 

Why are there people on LJ who don't believe in using spaces after commas? I don't get it and it makes my eyes go all wonky.
Something I never thought would happen has happened. 

RPS has become a reality in my life.

How did this happen? Well I know exactly how it happened. I won't name names. *bradleyjamescolinmorgan*

Yes that's me giving you the evil glare I stole from Katie mixed with the eyebrows of doom from Mr. Richard Wilson. 

I need help seriously. This fandom was already a problem and now it's officially eaten my brain. 

I need to get some work done before I fall down the tunnel of crack and despair and never return.

ETA: Bandom still scares the crap out of me. 
It's been almost a week since I've written anything and that's due to the craziness of the past few days and some pure laziness on my part. OK first off on the agenda...

Idol: I'm sad to see Paris leave, cause I think she has an amazing jazz voice but people just really weren't responding to her and I knew she was going to end up being the one to leave.  It's completely up in the air for me as to who I think is going to be next to leave...hopfully Taylor or Katherine as they're both starting to grate me. 

House: Well I taped the first part of the two night event so I did see that and it was quite awesome, BUT unfortunately I wasn't paying attention to what was happening on Wednesday as it was the last day of classes and missed it.

Last day of classes: It's almost sad that my freshman year of college is over, as I can't believe that it even started in the first place, but the more time I spend here the more I want to move away from it. And as per tradition of the last day of classes here at UVM the next topic comes up...

Naked Bike Ride: Contrary to what some may think, I have not, nor will I ever take part in this event.  It's just something I could never do and I have to say as I've now seen it twice sober, it's definitely not something that you can enjoy that's just too disturbing and kind of scarring.

Finals: A pain in my ASS. I have always hated finals as all I want is for school to be over and it the extra time off that college allots is something I'm defintely looking forward to.  I'm also supposed to be studying for one of these blessed events that I have at 8 tomorrow morning, but alas this is more important.

CJ: SERIOUSLY, tonight's season finale is the reason I watch this show.  It really rectified a lot of the things that were bothering me about this season.  Lu for one has just been unbearable and I'm glad to see she finally got that Woody was never hers and never could be. I loved the way he was sticking up for her tonight and like Allan was trying to convey, it was nice to see a little of that going beyond thing that Jordan and Woody have always had return.  I don't know how I can survive until September, let alone this January stuff that's being thrown around.  Season 6 is looking is going to be crazy.  And an extra YAY for Lily and Bug finally getting together, even though I like her with Seely better, this is defintiely second on my list.

Driving Lessons: It's looking good that after the reviews it got at the Tribeca Film Festival that a distributer will pick it up for a North American release which, for anyone who knows me, knows that it would like make my life so we'll see how that goes.

ok...I think I've rambled about enough things at this point and it's probably time I started studying as my European History final is in less than 9 hours

4 DAYS!!!!...well almost


Apr. 25th, 2006 06:46 pm
I miss Bill Clinton.  Honestly I'm not joking.  We watched some nice adverts from the 1992 election today in my polysci class and omg it was hilarious.  Ross Perot was just nuts and he sounds like Jon Stewart's impressions of George Bush.  As for that other Bush, his ad was like politics for 12 year olds, I swear.  He was speaking to a room filled where almost everyone was probably over the age of 35 and you would think he was in a 7th grade social studies brainwashing them all with his right-winged crap.  Seriously I don't know how this country went from the years of depression of Bush Sr. to eight years of prosperity with Clinton to the increasingly deeper hole we now seem to be digging for ourselves.  It makes me worry what's going to happen next.  If only Howard Dean hadn't screwed up his nomination campaign, maybe we'd be in a better place.  At least I have the thought of moving across the Atlantic to be closer to Rupert to help me through the next three years and beyond...haha

On a completely different note...I'm kind of upset about not being able to go see Rupert in NY this weekend and the N. American premiere of Driving Lessons...BUT...I have next July and the NY premiere of OOTP to look forward to.

17 DAYS!!!!!!


Apr. 22nd, 2006 08:52 pm
I cannot even express in words how pissed I am about missing Rupert in NY.  If I was home I would totally be there and probably dragging people with me....BUT I unfortunately am still at school on the 30th.



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